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Frequently asked questions!

Always feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have, but you might also find some useful answers to commonly asked questions here.


Questions about commission, timescale and reference photos.

What is the process for commissioning a pet portrait from you?

If you're interested in having me create a portrait of your dog or cat, or if you'd like to gift a friend, simply refer to the Commission Menu for instructions. Then we will discuss all the details.

When will you start, and what is the estimated time frame for completion?

Typically, it takes a few weeks for me to work through my commission queue, but as Christmas approaches, it tends to get longer. If you're interested in booking, just let me know and I can give you an estimate of when I might be able to start, and how long will take me to finish the portrait. Remember, the earlier you book, the better!

How much should I expect to pay for a pet portrait?

The cost of the portrait will depend on the size and material we choose. If we connect and discuss the details, I can give you an estimate.

Can you draw a pet portrait that includes more than one pet?

It's definitely possible to have a picture with more than one pet! If you have a photo of them all together, that's perfect. But if not, don't worry - I can work with separate individual photos and arrange them together to create a beautiful group portrait. Just keep in mind that for multiple subjects, a slightly larger paper size is recommended.

Can you turn an old photo into a personalized pet portrait?

The most rewarding part of my job, despite its occasional challenges, is the chance to breathe new life into old photographs of beloved pets by creating highly detailed artworks. If you have an old photo or a well-lit image, I'd be thrilled to have a look and see if I can turn it into a beautiful pet portrait for you.

Is it possible to have a pet portrait ready before Christmas?

With the high demand for these exceptional gifts, it's best to plan ahead and book several weeks or months in advance to secure a commission for Christmas. Nevertheless, it's worth reaching out to see if there are any last-minute openings.

What should you look for in a reference photo when commissioning a pet portrait?

To ensure the best results for a pet portrait, it's important to provide a good reference photo. Make sure the photo is taken in well-lit conditions, allowing the eyes to be clearly seen. Opt for a high-resolution image that captures all the intricate details of the fur. Additionally, ensure the photo is in focus and that the pet is posed exactly how you envision for the final portrait. For more helpful tips on capturing or selecting the perfect photo, see some examples below, or contact me directly.

Reference photos!

Check out this visual guide showcasing examples of both bad and good reference photos. It's a great resource to help you understand what makes a photo suitable for reference and what to avoid.

bad reference photo of a dog
Eyes dark
bad reference photo of a cat
dark reference photo of a cat
Too dark
Too far
Eyes not visible
Ball of fur :)
bad reference photo of a dog
bad reference photo of a dog
No light in eyes 
Lens distortion*
Lens distortion*
bad reference photo of a cat
bad reference photo of a cat
Subject too small
Unfavorable light
Lens distortion*
good reference photo of a dog
Light in the eyes
good reference photo of a cat
Clear eyes
Favorable position
good reference photo of a dog
Clear eyes
Great for portrait
good reference photo of a cat
Diffuse light
Clear visible eyes
Perfect close-up

*Lens Distortion - Using different lenses or cameras can sometimes result in distortion, as they try to capture a wider view. However, this can make your animal look disproportionate compared to real life. In the examples mentioned above, the body of the dogs and cats appears much smaller in comparison to their heads, or the legs and belly of the cat is largen then her head.

Packaging & shipping 

Questions about international shipping, packaging, and framing option.

Can you tell me about the packaging of the artworks?

Ensuring the safety of my pet portraits during transit is of utmost importance to me. That's why I take great care in packing them securely, so they arrive in perfect condition. Moreover, I believe in providing a packaging that not only protects the artwork but also complements its exceptional quality. Depending on the size, your picture will be delivered in a box, complete with a certificate of authenticity and caring tips  and framing details.

What is the price for shipping a pet portrait?

The price and shipping duration are influenced by the size and destination of the package. Larger commissions may incur higher shipping costs. Since I am located in Belgium, shipping within the country will be a little cheaper and faster compared to international shipping. However, international postal services are also very reliable these days. Once your pet portrait is shipped, I will provide you with a tracking number so that you can easily track its journey to your doorstep.

Do you offer international shipping for your pet portraits?

Yes! I'm located in Belgium, but I love shipping my commissioned artwork worldwide. You don't have to worry about finding a local pet portrait artist because I'm happy to work with clients from all over Europe.

Is it possible to have my pet portrait delivered to a different address? My pet portrait will be a gift.

Your pet portrait can be sent to any address you provide me with. All of my portraits are packaged beautifully, but if it's a gift, it will receive an extra gift packaging. You can find more information about my gift packaging in the About Art section.

Do your pet portraits come framed?

Framing requires a delicate touch, which is why I rely on professionals for this task. Nevertheless, I do have the option to send my artwork with a passe-partout. If you want to see this pre-mounted version how it looks and get some helpful tips for purchasing a frame, head over to the About Art section.

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